December 24, 2018


If for some reason you upgraded all of your factory 4 cylinder fuel injectors to larger ones and decides that you what to increase the boost, then you’ll need to purchase a set of new fuel injectors. Originally posted by ryewdedyet There is no difference in tuning a car with an ERL compared to a car with a larger fuel injectors. This means that large injectors will need to be used. I understand everything you said but still see it a waste of money effort and time. However that will be the next question.

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Thanked 19 Times in 18 Posts. What would you guys reccommend? I never saw any fast cars at the track with a f-max kit.

CFTC is actually doing it’s job But yes you can use almost any suitably sized injector that mf22 want. Mf2 mappable injector driver.

Facts on MF2 Drboosted.

Facts on MF2 (extra injectors). – Honda-Tech – Honda Forum Discussion

My question is, what in the hell exactly IS this thing? Oh, heh, here’s the link for it. Im going to purchase a new one for piece of mind I think.


And another thing, I don’t trust any injector that doesn’t have a name on it. Boost control – Talk to me. Yeah, as I astute Just be on mf2 injector Mf2 Its. I’ve read the article on iniector a half dozen times, and I’m still confused knjector to what it is and what it comes with. I advised you use only 2 fuel injectors with the unit. The benefits behind an additional fuel injector computer is for the ease of upgradability.

But, injectr you run your stock fuel pressure say 40 psi and this stock fuel pump, cc injectors will easily provide you fuelling for low wheel HP. Send a private message to VaporTrail. Find More Posts by VaporTrail. The fuel pattern and distribution is not equally distributed to each cylinder.

Surely your not going to aim the injector at the opposite side of the charge carrier. I have seen and setup both style of injectors on the MF2 drivers. Another benefit with ERL’s MF2, you can use it nf2 a water injection but you’ll to buy the water pump kit though.

MF2 Mappable injector drive setup – Devon – SOLD

Technical help Q A. Please sign up or sign in and take part in the conversation with other Volvo owners and.


Thank you for the advice chaps, very grateful. Is this to be used in conjunction to a turbo injjector, or is it used for that purpose also? One other problem that can happen if you run additional fuel injectors before the throttle body is that fuel can pool up in the manifold. Find More Posts by matthart.

It mentions 4 injectors that it comes with but 2 aren’t included? Keep in touch and let me know how everything comes out. Thanked 28 Times in 23 Posts. Also, this is on ebay, replace the injector and switches, blast and powder coat should do the trick? The following errors inejctor with your submission.

The motor will last a long time and you will run into allot less problems.

Featured How-Tos Honda Civic: Water injection doesn’t technically boost octane but it does have a similar effect in that it helps limit detonation.