December 8, 2018


The second screw was located to the left of the ram compartment. You can support this site. When the top cover removed you can get access to the following internal components: It does not produce any sound. After a quick read of your guide I had it done in 5 minutes.

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The problem is that when I was taking rell out I did not notcie that some were shorter than others. The two shorter back panel screws go above the hard drive on the Disk Drive side of the computer.

Dell Inspiron M5040 Parts

Thanks for making my day at work fly over. This computer is in excellent working condition. If you appreciate my work and ddell this information useful, please support this site.

You can replace it with any other large capacity 2. The touchpad icon is even missing from the tool bar.

Dell Inspiron M | eBay

When I reattached the cable and put everything back together and started the PC the touchpad did not work! The other two are pretty close to the one circled delll the picture, but the other two were not mentioned. Would it be possible to remove the top of the case complete with keyboard from the bottom and ddll the connecting plug from the edge as it were so that the keyboard does not have to be removed?


You should be a technician. Genuine Dell Inspiron M Series Accessing other internal components. In Step delll, I had to remove two screws that were securing the top cover assembly.

I am not getting any display on n, the power light stays on but no display at all.

Do the same with three remaining latches. What could be the problem? This is a great step-by-step m5004. The CPU socket should be located under the heatsink shown on the last picture in the step How can I replace the processor? The two holes look slightly different than the rest. Had to replace a power supply connector, went smooth thanks to this page! Do i hv to check for the board number? Any help would be great.

Bottom panel started to come off… A bit tough. Ryt from the mother board… Any instructions? Dell inspiron M A laptop contains variety of LCD screens from different manufacturers.

Dell Inspiron M Beep Codes / Diagnostic Indicators

You cannot deviate from your current screen specifications. The second screw was located to the left of the ram compartment. What can i do? Is it possible to change my amd Processor to a better one?


Dell Inspiron M5040

I restarted and it still did not work. I am trying to put the screws back in the laptop. Again, a million thanks for the guide.

Accessing both RAM modules.